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Welcome to Outdor Addictions Meats

Why Work With Us

Welcome to Outdoor Addiction Meat Processing! We are a full service State inspected meat processing facility in southern Wisconsin. We offer mobile butchering with our Essentail Harvest division - one of our most popular services for beef, pork, lamb, and goats, along with deer processing 100% all vacuum sealed. We also have a retail store and an online store of our beef sticks, and beef jerky brand made in house of only the best quality! Give us a call to book a butcher date, or to answer any questions answered that you may have. Also check out our online cut sheet forms to print out for your order.




About Us

Best meat service provider

We are a unique company dedicated to our clients

Our customers are our #1 priority. We aim high and strive to bring you the highest quality products and services, not the cheapest but the best! We do this by listening to our customers' needs and wants so we can bring exactly that to you. We use the highest quality supplies and materials, and a well trained staff to bring you an experience or taste that will keep you coming back. From our mobile harvest, to our snack brand Addiction Sticks, and everything in between... If you've worked with us before, you know we are never satisfied, always innovating & moving forward, constantly improving our brand for you. That never ends at Outdoor Addiction Meat Processing. If there's a better way to serve you, or something we can do to improve our products, (which we believe there always is) you can count on us to keep working towards it.

To have a great company you have to have great vision and there is a huge one that is a driving force for what we do. We are not only working to build the go to butcher shop in our area for mobile harvest, but we are also building a brand of beef sticks and jerky that is becoming well known all across America. Currently we ship our brand Addiction Sticks directly to consumers to all 50 states on a regular basis, with the goal to be in major store chains nationwide in the future as we grow and expand. We are building the first USDA mobile harvest unit in Wisconsin so we can serve our customers' needs across state lines as well. We also started raising livestock, to sell to our customers and use in our products with the goal of growing that side of the business as well. At Outdoor Addiction Meat Processing we hire and train people to be the best, not average because thats what is necessary to do something big!.

Our company was built on American values. With hard work, and determination we built this business from the ground up - just like how America was built - and we never stop improving. America is the best country ever to exist on the planet, and we are full of American pride in all that we do. Opportunity and obligation is what we give and what we expect from our team, not privilege. America was also founded by people who trusted in God and followed his principles, and we do our best to follow in the same way. Our team is dedicated to having a can - do positive attitude to get the job done no matter what, and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. If there is a job to be done, no one is too good for it here. You can expect any one of us to jump in and do it if it needs to get done! .


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